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17 May 2010
More 70s, 80s, 90s WW articles added
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Preamplifier and Power Amplifier Articles in Wireless World/Electronics World: chronological order.

This is a so far incomplete (but growing) collection of the significant EW audio articles. If nothing is shown for a given year, without further explanation, this simply means I haven't got round to it yet.

I have given some of them my own rating as to worthiness; if you disagree please let me know. In a few cases I have put down my thoughts on their value... click on Comments.

Most of my articles up to 2004 are now available in one handy volume: Self on Audio The perfect gift for all the family.

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Negative-Feedback Tone-ControlPeter J BaxandallOct 1952p402Comments
Transistor High-Quality Audio Amplifier: Part 1J DinsdaleJan 1965p2Comments
Transistor High-Quality Audio Amplifier: Part 2J DinsdaleFeb 1965p68
Transistor Wide-band Cascade AmplifiersF ButlerMar 1965p124S
A Feedback PWM Audio AmplifierTurnbull & TownsendApr 1965p160Comments
High-Performance Transistor Amplifier (20W power amp)Arthur BaileyNov 1966p542Comments
High-Performance Transistor Amplifier (preamp)Arthur BaileyDec 1966p598
Efficiency Considerations In a Class-D Amplifier: Part 1Turnbull & TownsendMay 1967p154Comments
Efficiency Considerations In a Class-D Amplifier: Part 2Turnbull & TownsendJune 1967p214
Class-D Principles Analysed: Part 1K C JohnsonDec 1967p576CommentsS
Measuring Gramophone Pickup PerformanceJ WaltonDec 1967p581S
Class-D Principles Analysed: Part 2K C JohnsonJan 1968p645CommentsS
Low Distortion Class-B OutputanonApr 1968p67Comments
30W High Fidelity AmplifierArthur BaileyMay 1968p94Comments
Loudness Control for a Stereo SystemR T LovelockJun 1968p148
Output Transistor Protection in AF AmplifiersArthur BaileyJun 1968p154Comments
High Input-Impedance Amplifier CircuitsT D TowersJuly 1968p197
Stereophonic Image SharpnessH D HarwoodJuly 1968p207
Computing DistortionArguimbau & FangerJuly 1968p228
Voltage FollowingPeter WilliamsSept 1968p295
Editor: H W Barnard
Negative Feedback and HumG W ShortMar 1969p116
A Simple Class A AmplifierJ Linsley HoodApr 1969
Quasi-Complementary Output Stage ModificationI M ShawJun1969p265
The Vital Statistics of an Audio Amplifier (supplement)R WilliamsonJun1969p265
Modular Pre-amplifier DesignJ Linsley HoodJuly 1969p306
Low-cost 15W AmplifierHardcastle & LaneOct 1969p306Comments
A Design in Retrospect (Dinsdale pre & power amplifiers)J DinsdaleNov 1969p500
Stereo Image Width ControlA RobertsDec 1969p579
Ultra-low Distortion Class-A AmplifierL Nelson-JonesMar 1970p98S
Tone-Balance ControlR AmblerMar 1970p124S
Some improvements in the design of Class-B audio amplifier circuitsK C JohnsonApr1970p159S
Dynamic Range versus Ambient NoiseGeorge Izzard O'VeeringApr1970p198CommentsS
Simple Audio PreamplifierJ. Linsley Hood May 1970 p207S
Class Distinction in Audio Amplifiers J. Linsley HoodJune 1970p278S
Integrated Circuit Stereo PreamplifierL Nelson-JonesJuly 1970p312S
15-20W Class AB Audio AmplifierJ. Linsley HoodJuly 1970p321S
High-power AmplifierHardcastle & LaneOct 1970p477S
Versatile Tone Control CircuitP B HutchinsonNov 1970p538CommentsS
Simple Class-A Amplifier & Modular Preamp postscriptJ. Linsley Hood Dec1970p607S
A New Approach to Class-BP BlomleyFeb 1971p57
Low-noise Audio AmplifiersH P WalkerMay 1972 p233S
Audio Power AmplifierP L TaylorJune 1973 p301S
Current Dumping Audio AmplifierPeter WalkerDec 1975p560S
A High-Quality Compressor/limiterDouglas SelfDec 1975p587S
At this point Wireless World, for reasons unknown, decided to abandon the sensible practice of having page numbers accumulate through the year.
Transistor Driver for Valve AmplifiersSeth BerglundApr1976p36S
An Advanced Preamplifier (MRP1)Douglas SelfNov1976p
Non-linear Distortion in Audio Amplifiers 1Matti OtalaJan1977p43
Distortion in Low-Noise Amplifiers 1Eric TaylorAug1977S
Distortion in Low-Noise Amplifiers 2Eric TaylorSept1977S
Additions to the Advanced PreamplifierDouglas SelfOct 1977
A New Distortion MeasurementR A BelcherMay1978p36S
Loudspeaker System Design: Part1Siegfried LinkwitzMay1978p52S
Audio Power Amplifier Design: Part 3Peter BaxandallMay1978p83S
Current Dumping: Does it Work? Part 1Vanderkooy & LipshitzJune1978p38S
Loudspeaker System Design: Part2Siegfried LinkwitzJune1978p67S
Valves vs TransistorsJames MoirJuly1978p55S
Audio Power Amplifier Design: Part 4Peter BaxandallJuly1978p76S
Current Dumping: Does it Work? Part2Vanderkooy & LipshitzJuly1978p83S
Negative Feedback & NonlinearityCathode RayOct1978p47S
Audio Power Amplifier Design: Part 5Peter BaxandallDec1978p53S
A High-Performance Preamplifier (MRP4)Douglas SelfFeb 1979p40S
Audio Power Amplifier Design: Part 6Peter BaxandallFeb1979p69S
Simplified Distortion MeasurementsButler Apr1979p49S
Spot-Frequency Distortion MeterJohn Linsley-HoodJuly 1979p62S
Audio Processor DesignP Anderson G8OAVAug 1979p34
Audio Preamplifer with no TIDYuri MiloslavskijAug 1979p34Comments
Low Distortion AmplificationBJ CoddOct 1979p81S
Audio Gain Controls:Part 1Peter BaxandallOct 1980p57S
Audio Gain Controls:Part 2Peter BaxandallNov 1980p79S
Interface IntermodulationOtalaDec 1980p42S
Measuring TIM in Audio AmplifiersAntoniazzi et alMay 1981p45
Cartridge Alignment GaugeR GilsonNov 1981p49
Simple Power AmplifierPeter WilsonApr 1982p56
80-100W MOSFET Audio Amplifier: Part 1John Linsley-HoodJune 1982p40
80-100W MOSFET Audio Amplifier: Part 2John Linsley-HoodJuly 1982p63
80-100W MOSFET Audio Amplifier: Part 3John Linsley-HoodAug 1982p29
Class SA SandmanSept 1982p38
Modular Preamplifier: Part 1John Linsley-HoodOct 1982p32
Audio Oscillator with ToneburstJ TiernanOct 1982p59
Binaural Recordings & LoudspeakersJ H BuijsNov 1982p39
Modular Preamplifier: Part 2John Linsley-HoodNov 1982p60
How Will CD Affect Audio Design?R HarcourtDec 1982p73
Modular Preamplifier: Part 3John Linsley-HoodJan 1983p46
Interface IntermodulationR R CordellFeb 1983p30S
Modular Preamplifier: Part 4John Linsley-HoodFeb 1983p79
High Power High Quality Amplifier Using MOSFETSE BorbelyMar 1983p69S
Aspects of Audio Amplifier DesignY MiloslavskyJuly 1983p54
Current Dumping Review: Part 1M McLoughlinSept 1983p39
A Precision Preamplifier (MRP10)Douglas SelfOct 1983p31S
Current Dumping Review: Part 2M McLoughlinOct 1983p35S
Compensated Active SummerA M SolimanFeb 1984 p58
Audio amp symmetryJohn Linsley-HoodJan 1985 p31S
Low-Cost Low-Pass Filter DesignScharfJun 1986 p20S
Not a good year for audio articles.
The practice of having page numbers accumulate through the year was started again.
Crossover Distortion in Class-B amplifiersErik MarganJuly 1987 p739S
Moving-Coil Head AmplifiersDouglas SelfDec1987
Elliptic Filter DesignKrausMay 1988 p444S
Science & Subjectivism: Pseudo-science in AudioDouglas SelfJuly 1988
Butterworth lowpass Filters with equalizationKrausOct 1988p997S
Feedback & FETs in audio amplifiersIvor BrownFeb 1989 p123S
A/AB mosfet Power AmplifierJohn Linsley-HoodMar 1989 p261
PSU & protection for for A/AB mosfet Power AmplifierJohn Linsley-HoodMay 1989 p524
Designing Low-noise Audio amplifiersWilfried AdamJune 1989p628S
Microcomputer- Controlled PreamplifierPeter KrugerJune 1989p584
Solid-state Audio power: History.John Linsley HoodNov 1989 p1042S
Solid-state Audio power: Blomley, Current Dumping, Class-SJohn Linsley HoodDec 1989 p1164S
Solid-state Audio power: gain stagesJohn Linsley HoodJan 1990 p16S
Audio power, FETs and feedbackIvor BrownApr 1990 p343
Audio Preamplifier design: 1John Linsley-HoodJune1990
Audio Preamplifier design: 2John Linsley-HoodJuly1990
Variable-Slope Low-Pass FilterReg WilliamsonJuly1990p714S
Audio Mixer designRichard BriceJuly1990
Audio Preamplifier design: 3John Linsley-HoodAug1990p690S
Sound Mosfet DesignDouglas SelfSep 1990 p760Comments
Reducing Crossover distortion.Michael McLoughlinOct 1990 p879
Distortion from power suppliesGreg BallDec1990
Inside Mixing ConsolesDouglas SelfApr1991
Digital amplifier developmentsAndy GothardJul 1991 p554
Transistor-driven valve amplifierJohn Linsley HoodAug 1991 p676
Who designed this?Dr Aubrey SandmanSep 1991 p788
Opto-bias for better power ampsIvor BrownFeb 1992 p107
Sound Model for Audio Design?Ben DuncanApril 1992 p332
VCAsMalcolm HawksfordApril 1992 p338
Microphone preamplifierTim McCormickMay 1992 p402
200 watt Audio amplifierAndrew HeflyJune 1992 p454
Golden Ears HypothesisBen DuncanJune 1992 p466
Digitally Controlled PreamplifierChris MillerSept 1992 p718
PSU Regulation & Audio PerformanceBen DuncanOct 1992 p818
Opamp Tests.Ben DuncanJan 1993 p42
Integrated Audio amplifier.John Linsley HoodJune 1993 p454
Audio Power AmplifierMarco CorsiJuly 1993 p547
Microprocessor-Controlled audio PreamplifierMartin EcclesJuly 1993
Solid-state Audio SwitchingMike MeechanJuly 1993
Audio power chip review.Ben DuncanOct 1993 p804
Distortion In Power Amplifiers: Part 1 of 8Douglas SelfAug 1993
Square-Law amplifiersMichael WilliamsJan 1994 p82
Distortion In Power Amplifiers: Part 8 of 8Douglas SelfMar 1994
Low Distortion Audio OscillatorIan HickmanMay 1994p370
Common-emitter power amplifiersDouglas SelfJul 1994 p548
High speed Audio power.Douglas SelfSep 1994 p760
Audio Amplifier with Feedforward.Giovanni StochinoOct 1994 p818
Better Audio from Non-complements?Bengt OlssonDec 1994 p988
Ironing out Distortion Part 1 (Part 2 Jul 97)Edward CherryJan 1995 p14S
Piggy-Backing Audio ICsBen DuncanJan 1995 p26
Between amplifier and speaker.Ivor BrownFeb 1995 p114
Distortion off the railsDouglas SelfMar 1995 p201
Fast power amplifier for audioIan HegglunMar 1995 p240
Low Distortion AttenuatorJohn Linsley-HoodApr 1995 p320
Simulated Attack on Slew RatesBen DuncanApr 1995 p303
Fets versus bjtsDouglas SelfMay 1995 p387
Delayed Audio SignalsBen DuncanMay 1995 p391
Trimodal audio power: Part 1Douglas SelfJun 1995 p462
Power ICs On TrialBen DuncanJun 1995 p477
Trimodal audio power: Part 2Douglas SelfJuly 1995 p584
Double Mirrors Reflect Higher SpeedBengt OlssonJuly 1995 p571
20 Hz Sub-wooferJeff MacaulayAug 1995 p636
Expert witness: bjts v mosfetsJohn Linsley-HoodAug 1995 p684S
Analogue Processing: Slew-Rate LimitingIan HickmanAug 1995 p684
Few compliments for non-complements (2-stage power amps)Douglas SelfSep 1995 p763
Square law rules in audio powerIan HegglunSep 1995 p751
Ultra-fast AmplifierGiovanni StochinoOct 1995 p835S
Hot Audio Power- Valve/Semi HybridJeff MacaulayOct 1995 p856S
Controlling Audio Dynamic RangeJohn Linsley-HoodNov 1995 p938
Audio Preamp- Simple But SoundReg WilliamsonDec 1995 p1012S
Classic Valve PowerMorgan JonesDec 1995 p1034S
Fresh Look at Valve PowerMorgan JonesJan 1996 p24S
High Performance THD MeterIan HickmanJan 1996 p52S
Modelling CableBen DuncanFeb 1996 p119
High Power Valve AudioMorgan JonesFeb 1996 p110S
Notes On Free PhasingIan HickmanFeb 1996 p124
Audio power with a new loopMarcel van de GevelFeb 1996 p140S
Non-slewing Audio power.Giovanni StochinoMar 1996 p256
Designing Valve RIAA Preamps: Part 1Morgan JonesMar 1996 p190S
Designing Valve RIAA Preamps: Part 2Morgan JonesApr 1996 p290S
Speaker FeedbackIan HegglunMay 1996 p378S
Thermal dynamics of power amps: Part1Douglas SelfMay 1996 p410
High Performance Mic PreampSimon BatesonMay 1996 p420S
Thermal dynamics of power amps: Part2Douglas SelfJune 1996 p481
Precision Preamp '96: Part 1Douglas SelfJul/Aug 1996p540S
New Relay for Power AudioBarclay McKennaJul/Aug 1996p562S
Speaker Cable DifferencesBen DuncanJul/Aug 1996 p570
Class A powerJohn Linsley-HoodSep 1996 p681S
Precision Preamp '96: Part 2Douglas SelfSep 1996p708S
Gyroscopic HeadphonesIan HickmanOct 1996 p731S
Rationalised Phono PreamplifierSimon BatesonOct 1996 p758S
Thermal dynamics of power amps Part3Douglas SelfOct 1996 p754
Filter VariationsIan HickmanOct 1996 p769
Night Thoughts on Crossover distortionDouglas SelfNov 1996 p858
Hybrid power amplifierWim de JagerNov 1996p897
Gain from PassivesIan HickmanNov 1996p842S
Measuring Speaker Cables: 1Cyril BatemanDec 1996p925
Speaker Cables Pulse TestedEric FosterDec 1996p930
Load-invariant audio powerDouglas SelfJan 1997 p16
Measuring Speaker Cables: 2Cyril BatemanJan 1997p52
Overload Matters (RIAA overload)Douglas SelfFeb 1997
Roaring SubwooferRussel BredenFeb 1997p104S
Measuring Speaker Cables: 3Cyril BatemanFeb 1997p119
Filters Using Negative ResistanceIan HickmanMar 1997p217S
Ultra fast Audio amplifier. #1Giovanni StochinoApr 1997 p278S
Balanced line inputs and outputs: Part 1Douglas SelfApr 1997
Balanced line inputs and outputs: Part 2Douglas SelfMay 1997
Error feedback in audio powerWilliam de BruynJun 1997 p476S
Measuring Speaker CablesBen DuncanJul 1997 p570
Ironing out Distortion Part2 (Part 1 was Jan 95)Edward CherryJul 1997 p577S
The Audio power interface: Part 1Douglas SelfSep 1997 p717
The Audio power interface: Part 2: cablesDouglas SelfOct 1997
The Audio power interface: Part 3: speakersDouglas SelfNov 1997
Diagnosing Distortion (THD residuals)Douglas SelfJan 1998 p32
Loudspeaker undercurrents (Otala excess currents)Douglas SelfFeb 1998 p98
THD analyserJohn Linsley-HoodFeb 1998 p104S
Stereo Audio MonitorRobert KeslerMar 1998 p225
Class B in a new classMike J RenardsonApr 1998 p274S
Amplifier Input InstabilityErik MarganApr 1998 p311S
A Perfect Variable Oscillator?Ian HickmanJune 1998 p485S
Gain-stage investigationsJohn Linsley-HoodJul 1998 p578S
Ultra fast Audio amplifier #2Giovanni StochinoAug 1998 p633S
Class A to 300WColin WonforMar 1999 p188CommentsS
Class distinction in AmplifiersDouglas SelfMar 1999 p190
Zero Distortion?Ian HickmanMar 1999 p224S
Hotter SPICE- improved MOSFET models:Part 1Ian HegglunMar 1999 p394
Early Effect: Part 1Bryan HartJune 1999 p474
Relay mutingDouglas SelfJul 1999 p544
Hotter SPICE- improved MOSFET models: Part 2Ian HegglunJuly 1999 p585
Early Effect: Part 2Bryan HartJuly 1999 p591
Cool audio power: Part 1 (Power Partition Diagrams)Douglas SelfAug 1999 p657
Precise Active CrossoverBill HardmanAug 1999 p652S
Measure THD Below 0.001%Ian HickmanAug 1999 p626S
Cool audio power: Part 2 (Power Partition Diagrams)Douglas SelfSept 1999
Low Voltage DesignStochino et alSep 1999 p714S
Fast audio powerYuri EzhkovSep 1999 p723S
Class A, 32W from a 12V railRichard BurfootNov 1999 p934S
Audio power analysisDouglas SelfDec 1999 p1033
A new Class AB designWim de Jager,
van Tuy & van der Ven
Dec 1999 p982
Adaptable Active Speaker DesignChristof HeinzerlingFeb 2000 p105S
Notch FiltersIan HickmanFeb 2000 p120
Hybrid audio powerWim de HaanMar 2000 p198
Class T is Hi-fi?Ian HickmanApr 2000 p274
JLH A Lifetime In ElectronicsJ L HoodMay 2000 p417
JLH A Lifetime In ElectronicsJ L HoodJune 2000 p480
A New 100W Class B topologyRussel BredenJune 2000 p486CommentsS
Speakers Corner: crossover summationJohn WatkinsonSept 2000 p720
Better Buffers: Part 1Dave KimberSept 2000 p725
Distortion... the factsIan HickmanOct 2000 p760
Better Buffers: Part 2Dave KimberOct 2000 p784
Better Buffers: Part 3Dave KimberNov 2000 p858
Phase-Linear Sub-Bass FilterGraham MaynardFeb 2001 p92S
Phono Preamp For The CD Era: Part 1Norman ThagardApr 2001 p258S
Speaker's Corner: Voltage or Current Drive?John WatkinsonMay 2001 p354S
Phono Preamp For The CD Era: Part 2Norman ThagardMay 2001 p356S
MOSFET powerDavid WhiteAug 2001 p578S
Speaker's Corner: Motional FeedbackJohn WatkinsonSept 2001 p698S
Output Coil crosstalkDouglas SelfOct 2001p749
Class G: Part 1Douglas SelfDec 2001p900
At this point Electronics World again decided to abandon the convenient practice of having page numbers accumulate through the year.
Class G: Part 2Douglas SelfJan 2002p12
Class G IndicatorDouglas SelfFeb 2002p59
Two Channels- One Gain PotBrian GoughFeb 2002p61S
Capacitor Distortion: Part 1Cyril BatemanJuly 2002p12S
Capacitor Distortion: Part 2Cyril BatemanSept 2002p16S
Tying the Knot- MFB Loudspeaker: Part 1Jeff MacaulaySept 2002p26S
Transparent VI Protection in Amplifiers: Part 1Michael KiwanukaSept 2002p46S
Capacitor Distortion: Part 3Cyril BatemanOct 2002p12S
Tying the Knot- MFB Loudspeaker: Part 2Jeff MacaulayOct 2002p46S
Transparent VI Protection in Amplifiers: Part 2Michael KiwanukaOct 2002p50S
Capacitor Distortion: Part 4Cyril BatemanNov 2002p40S
Capacitor Distortion: Part 5Cyril BatemanDec 2002p44S
Capacitor Distortion: Part 6Cyril BatemanJan 2003p44S
Hybrid power amplifier ImprovedWim de JagerFeb 2003p46S
Audio Power Amplifier CompensationJohn EllisMar 2003p10S
Class AB Balanced Audio Line DriverWim de JagerMay 2003p49S
Amplifier Input CurrentsDouglas SelfMay 2003
Capacitor Sounds II: Part 1 Real-Time HardwareCyril BatemanJuly 2003p36S
Capacitor Sounds II: Part 2 Distortion v Time v BiasCyril BatemanAug 2003p46S
The CathodePatrick MitchellSept 2003p12S
Capacitor Sounds II: Part 3 Distortion MeterCyril BatemanSept 2003p46S
Noise & Moving-Magnet CartridgesMarcel van de GevelOct 2003p38S
Flat Wideband Buffersde LangeOct 2003p19S
Capacitor and Amplifier DistortionsCyril BatemanNov 2003p44S
Analogue Switching: Part 1Douglas SelfJan 2004
Analogue Switching: Part 2Douglas SelfFeb 2004
Hybrid Audio AmplifierJeff MacaulayMar 2004p48S
In Memoriam: John Linsley Hood MIEEIan HickmanMay 2004p17S
Precision Rectifier CircuitsAlan BateMay 2004p26S
Class-A Imagineering: Part 1Graham MaynardJun 2004p22CommentsS
A Simple Class A Amplifier (Reprint from 1969)J Linsley HoodJun 2004p44S
John Linsley Hood ObituariesJun 2004p52S
Class-A Imagineering: Part 2Graham MaynardJuly 2004p16CommentsS
Class-A Imagineering: Part 4Graham MaynardSept 2004p10CommentsS
Class-A Imagineering: Part 5Graham MaynardOct 2004p10CommentsS
Simulating Power MOSFETs: Part1Cyril BatemanOct 2004p22S
Class-A Imagineering: Part 6Graham MaynardNov 2004p10CommentsS
Simulating Power MOSFETs: Part2Cyril BatemanNov 2004p26S
Simulating Power MOSFETs: Part 3Cyril BatemanDec 2004p10S
The December 2004 issue was the last with Phil Reed as editor.
The Jan 2005 issue was the first with Svetlana Josifovska as editor.
Simulating Power MOSFETs: Part 4Cyril BatemanJan 2005p34S
Adventure: Noise. (RIAA noise)Burkhard VogelMay 2005p28S
Switch-Mode Amplifier Performance MeasurementsBruce HoferSept 2005p30S
The Sound of Silence (MC preamps)Burkhard VogelOct2006S
Class XD: a New Power AmplifierDouglas SelfNov 2006 p20S
Hot Audio Power RevisitedJeff MacaulayJan 2007p48S
The Hum FigureBurkhard VogelMar2009p20S
Reduce Ear Fatigue In Power AmpsWangeri KaguongoMar2009p24CommentsS
The Hum Figure ReloadedBurkhard VogelMar2010p34S

Amplifier Articles in Elektor: chronological order.

An incomplete guide to power amplifier designs in the European magazine "Elektor".

200W Raw PoweranonJan 1981
AXL amplifieranonMar 1985
High-Power AF AmplifieranonJun 1986
LFA-150: A Fast Power Amplifier. Pt 1A SchmeetsNov 1988
Medium-Power AF AmplifierT GiffardOct 1990
100W High-End AF Power AmplifierT GiesbertsMar 1994
HexFET Amplifier UpgradeT GiesbertsSep 1995
300W Power AmplifierA RiedleNov 1995
Compact AF Power AmplifierT GiesbertsMay 1997
Pax Error-Correcting Power Amplifier: Part1J DiddenApr 2008
Pax Error-Correcting Power Amplifier: Part2J DiddenMay 2008

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